Cupcakes by the Ocean

Time: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PDT

Location: other

The cupcake event consists of four steps. First, students will pick out their favorite type of cupcake to decorate. Possible flavors include: chocolate, fun-fetti and vanilla. Next, they will choose one frosting that will represent a variety of hobbies such as Athletics, Art, Music etc. The first to steps are meant to get students talking among one another and warm up the environment. Moreover, third step, allows students to pick from different toppings that will be spread across a table representing topics like Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Family etc. Finally, for the fourth step students will be asked questions about the outcome of their cupcakes, such as which part of the cupcake is the most important to you? etc. However, the student is not expected to share if they don't feel comfortable doing so. In the end, students will be asked to place their cupcakes together for a final picture that shows how diverse each person is through the visual of their cupcake.

For disability accommodations contact:

Jeremy Parker,

Detailed Location:

Fireside Lounge